Winter Wedding at Wrightsville Manor | Amber and Kevin

Amidst the picturesque backdrop of Wrightsville Manors Oak Tree, including heartfelt traditions and modern flair, Amber and Kevin embarked on their journey into matrimony, weaving a tapestry of love, family, and cherished moments. From the sentimental beginnings with a ring destined for its wearer since birth to the harmonious blend of Italian customs and personal touches, their wedding day was nothing short of magical. Keep scrolling to see the perfect winter wedding at Wrightsville Manor in Wilmington, NC.

Amber’s journey to her wedding day began even before she could walk, with a ring purchased at her birth by her parents, symbolizing a love that transcends time. The anticipation of this moment, held close for years, finally unfolded as her father gave her that very ring on her finger.

Next up was a first look with the bride, groom and their fur baby Lucca! Amber gifted Kevin with an amazing watch that will become an heirloom for their family.

Incorporating elements of Italian tradition, Amber and Kevin honored the significance of “seven almonds,” each representing a blessing for their marriage—health, wealth, happiness, fertility, longevity, peace, and love. This cherished custom added depth and meaning to their union, grounding their celebration in heritage and shared values.

As the day unfolded, heartfelt vows exchanged between Amber and Kevin echoed the depth of their commitment, surrounded by loved ones witnessing the promise of forever. Amidst the joyous celebration, a poignant moment arose as Amber passed her bouquet to her mother—a gesture symbolizing gratitude, love, and the passing of the torch from one generation to the next.

In a surprise twist that encapsulated the essence of their love story, the evening culminated with an unforgettable moment as Amber took to the middle of the dance floor, microphone in hand, serenading her husband with a the best rap I have ever heard. The best part? Her dad was right there cheering her on the entire time!

Behind every unforgettable wedding are the dedicated vendors who bring dreams to life. Amber and Kevin’s day was no exception, with special thanks to:

  • Planning: @gathereventsnc
  • Venue: @wrightsvillemanornc
  • Culinary Delights: @athymesavor
  • Melodic Memories: @activedj
  • Floral Enchantment: @motherofwildnc
  • Bridal Elegance: @camillesofwilm
  • Capturing the Moments: @ashleyclarkephoto
  • Bridesmaid’s Attire: @azazieofficial

As Amber and Kevin stepped into their new chapter as husband and wife, their wedding day at Wrightsville Manor will forever be a testament to love, tradition, and the joyous celebration of two souls intertwining. With each heartfelt moment and shared glance, they embarked on a journey filled with endless promise, surrounded by the warmth of family, the richness of tradition, and the undeniable magic of their love story.

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